up and coming.

lily collins.
you've probably caught her gracing the pages of fashion magazines sporting the latest chanel must-have.
this nineteen-year-old brit beauty and teen vogue dubbed "girl of the moment" isn't just your ordinary fashionista.
daughter of the legendary phil collins, full-time student at USC, and Nickelodeon "entertainment and pop culture" reporter, lily proves to remarkably passion-driven.
"I'm extremely passionate about teens. I think it's so important to talk about both issues that are affecting teens today and those that impact our parents. I am involved with the Maple Counseling Center and am the college representative on the board of directors."
lily was discovered by none other than tommy hilfiger on a plane ride from NY to LA, and describes her style as, "youthful and fresh, yet classically chic."
A few months back I messaged Lily for her advice on how to enter the "fashion world".
Her is what she had to say...
 Hi Monika!
First off, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kind words. Really! So sweet! Definitely made me smile...
I have always love fashion and expressing myself through my style. I believe that if you are confident, you can work anything.
There are no limits when it come to self-expression.
That's fantastic that you want to go into journalism and that you also love fashion. It's such a fun world to be a part of. I started at 15 just by having an idea and a drive to get it to people and make them listen. I took a chance and called an editor of a magazine, pitched it, and was so fortunate that she took a chance on me. You can totally do the same thing. All you need is drive and passion which it seems you already have. You're ahead of the game!! Keep on it and don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Get experience and don't worry if you start out low... it takes starting somewhere to reach the top!
Thanks again so much for your support and really kind words. It means a lot!
love. her.

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