guess who's back...momentarily, indecisively

well hello there...it's weird being on my blog again, let alone posting on it! what a concept!
i really did love this blog with all my heart and put forth every creative effort in making it my very own, virtual work of art--it was an outlet of self-expression that sums up my undergraduate years of high school.
last time i posted was at the least...2 years ago. wow, a crazy thought. i'm graduating high school now, heading off to college. a scary thought, but so invigorating at the same time.
i wonder if i'm even writing to anyone anymore...at one point i remember having over 80 comments on a post and tons of followers--such an honor, honestly! it's satisfying to post what you feel onto the world wide web with the click of a button, but even more to know that people out there, all over the world, are not only reading it but also enjoying it.
i don't know if i'm back for good, probably not. but i did want to just "drop in," curious if anyone out there is reading....
despite however busy i have become since my last post, it's ironic that i'm sitting in bed on valentine's night, haha. oh well, it's overrated anyways.
i did get a tumblr, which (for now) i'm posting on often so please please follow me! i would love to entertain--and maybe even inspire--you in some way even if it's not on this blog.


and, as a cheers to tradition, here is my music suggestion to conclude this post :)
home - edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros

fuck that, here's one more:
hello - martin solveig & dragonette

ending with a "hello," no pun intended....ciao!


sugar and spice: what must i sacrifice?

Posted here is a result of boredom and inspiration--particularly from poster-child Molly Ringwald. The Breakfast Club is by far one of my favorite movies, partly because of the time period's unique style that to me could be defined as a "bubblegum-eclectic". Even my own mother, who shops exclusively at Ann Taylor Loft nowadays, was captivated by the era's style, sporting spiked bangs and red acrylic nails at one point...quite disturbing.
The outfit: silk romper is actually lingerie, the killer nude heels are steve madden, and the adorable blush blazer belongs to my friend's mother dearest.
here she is below, channeling a more edgy element of the 80s sporting a plum silk night gown and vintage leather jacket.

my first day of school was today...so sad.
on a brighter note, i had a kick-ass summer filled with party after party and nights that i can't quite seem to remember the next morning (; SUCCESS!
&&& next post ----> fisheye photos!!!!!
listen to - drive by the deftones


i'm still an animal

it's quite depressing that summer is almost over, though the haunting stack of incomplete summer work assignments peering over at me from the corner of the desk is even more.*long sigh* i do have an exciting week coming up however, which includes crashing at two different hotels--make that three actually. i literally feel like a gypsy for i have lived out of the same two bags for seven days now, and have not slept not one day in my own bed.it feels pretty amazing. aside from all nonsense, this is just a quick little post to assure my beloved readers that i am in fact not dead--and to inform you of the upcoming SUMMER PHOTOGRAPHY POST...that is the full documentation of my summer via fisheye-lomography photos. get excited!


meatballs & cupcakes

shalom shalom. summer has been beyond great--definite improvement from a couple posts ago let me tell you! i'll wrap up my past weekend in a series of words: smeared eyeliner, fluffy skirts, birthday sex, hard rock, fried sushi, tattoo war, gay dancers, crank dat, sleepover pranks, shaving cream, youtube galore, drug dealer, meatballs and cupcakes, boat and tanning, ice cream sandwich, creepy guys, reggaeton, BRUNO, applebee's!
yay! your turn!

*oh! and i was tagged by tink in my closet so here it goes...although i will cut it down to just five, tehe:

1) never have i ever been to europe.
2) i am disgustingly indecisive.
3) huge sweet tooth, HUGE.
4) neat freak, when i feel like it.
5) favorite colors: mint and salmon!

*further comments on bruno: funny as hell, but i must admit, my life was scarred just a bit. definitely not for the faint of heart or mind!
*thank you to omganotherone for giving me my first ever award! yee!

listening to - ca plane pour moi by plastic bertrand


how many cares one loses when one decides not to be something but to be someone...

in part to your suggestions and hopeful wishes--my summer has in fact gotten significantly better! yesterday i went out and saw public enemies with my dad and little sister--it was amazing! johnny depp is just beyond godly! then later on i went over to my friend gianna'a house, valeria came over, and us three along with her older sister karina saw tranformers in imax! i honestly didn't like it too much--shia is beautiful though, as well as miss fox...and boy does she know it. then we all slept over gianna's and had a grand ol' time.

and here's what i wore a little earlier this evening...

alexander wang pocket t, mom's le suit blazer, F21 tights, steve madden pumps [can't walk in them], vintage chanel.

not sure how i'm going to spend fourth of july. my ideal plans would consist of staying at the ritz down at the key and spending the day and night on the beach with friends. will it happen? probably not. i will fill you in though!

and as mentioned in previous posts, i have been taking tons of pictures on my little lomo-fisheye camera and will post them once the roll is up. it'll be a cute little documentation of the summer (:

thank you for the continuous, encouraging comments as well as the growing number of followers! besos!

listening to - 21 guns by green day


ben, the two of us need look no more<33

ciao readers ! how have you all been ? i wish i could say that i've been absolutely fabulous, enjoying every day and night of this glorious summer to its fullest--however, that would be a lie, and i can't lie to you my loves ! the truth is i've been pretty bored. i wake up at noon, watch csi for a few hours, wait for my mom to get home from work and hope she takes me out--which most of the time doesn't happen--and i basically just stay in my pj's the whole day, staying up till 3 most nights, just on my computer. yeah. so exciting right ?! i really do wish i could give you some fabulous story as to how i've been spending my free time. tell me that you've been bored too and make me feel better will you ? (:

aside from that, this is what i wore to lunch today...


minus the heels of course, hehe! a pretty simple outfit, my DIY levi's, a flannel dress that shrunk and is now a shirt from F21, and some random pair of wedges from some random store.

i also hope you like the new sidebar polaroids--took me hours to do! question for you all: who is your favorite from those featured?

additonally, i'm sure you noticed my new header! done by none other than the fabulous ELZA from MISSDIORCOUTURE--she's fabulous! and speaking of her, she asked me to inform all of my lovely readers on a very exciting project she's working on! along with editor jamie richards, she will be working as fashion director for the new MONOCHROME MAGAZINE-- "a unique project which mixes inspiring style, art, and design, to be exhibited both online and in print"--huge names will be contributing to and collaborating with monochrome, including elie saab, christian lacroix, the cobra snake, garance doré, and many more! definitely check it as soon as it is published online!

oh! and i am pleased to inform you that i have in fact joined the phenomenon known as twitter! follow me? i also joined bloglovin'! so follow me there as well if you'd like!

well that's it for now! hope you are having a bit more fun than i am this summer, haha. also i would like to pay my respects to the absolutely incredible and legendary michael jackson. he will live on in his songs for the rest of eternity, continuing to inspire others! (and let us not forget ed, farrah, and billy mays as well<33)

listening to - mr. brightside by the killers


i am back--and in love!

hello lovelies! i apologize for my lack of updating, however i was vacationing with a friend for a week! it was quite fun and i took tons of pictures on my adorable little lomo fisheye camera from urban outfitters. before i start my post i would first and foremost like to thank every single one of you! like, are you kidding me? 75 comments?! no words can express my extreme gratitude! i will say that i indeed will comment every single one of you dears back--pinky promise! hehe. now onto the topic of the day...i came across a blog today--let's just say i think i have found a god. my jaw literally dropped at the sight of the absolutely breathtaking photos posted on this heaven-sent url. they are the epitome of everything i love most, and everything i desire in my style. i had yet to find a blog that aroused such an obsessive reaction from myself--that is until i found him. enough talk--let's get to the main attraction, baby. i now introduce to you--sacha hilton.

give your ears a treat for me, will you? -- a bad dream by keane andddd my new blog song!