welcome to the world.

i'm a blog virgin.
that is, i've just recently discovered the world of blogging, and this is my first.
after a long session of deciding just what to name my new blog, i came up with "le mess".
what it means?
well, i like to think of the fashion world as this huge collage.
full of different designs, colors, ideas, people.
yet, it works. it's an organized mess.
"le mess".
therefore, my blog is going to center around all aspects of fashion.
not just Pucci's latest show or DVF's latest collection.
but an insight of the people who make up the fashion world. the newest trends. lifestyles and cultures.
who am i?
a fifteen-year-old with a passion. a "jeune reveur", young dreamer.
my passions include:
andy warhol. american apparel. vintage. hippies. buddha. nylon. bohemian.
basically, i'm just like any other aspiring teen.
i have a dream to one day work in the fashion industry.
i want to move to california and go to stanford.
but most of all, i want to be a part of "le mess".


  1. love the concept, very creative :)

  2. Love your explanation, cute blog :)

  3. Couldn't describe my dreams/life/everything any better. I LOVE this entry!


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