an inspiration.

there is this pair of shorts from urban outfitters that i have just been obsesssssing over.
it has that 80s high rise, distressed look to them, of which i am in love with!
since i was feeling a little adventurous today, i took a pair of my moms vintage levi's and cut them into shorts.
here's the result:

like them? i think they're pretty cute, hehe. but, i still need to make them look more destroyed. i've tried a cheese grater and a knife...any other tips?
anyways, i wore this outfit to the movies, race to witch mountain, which wasn't so bad as i thought it would be, and then to this awesome dive called "sully's" where i had dinner. it has that bar vibe, because well, it is a bar, yet it serves escargot and mahi mahi! i had the former with some stuffed mushrooms! yum!
details on the outfit:
shirt: ralph lauren
cardigan: boutique in miami beach
shorts: vintage levi's
belt: american eagle
shoes: bcbg
necklace: grand canyon
purse: vintage dooney and burke


  1. oo nice shorts! and great outfit! hmm maybe you should use pliers. but you just gave the same idea of using some of my mom's old clothes, thanks! hopefully my outift comes out as great as yours!
    your blog is absolutely adorablee(:

    love you, valerie <3

  2. heyy gurl, it's francie..i just got a new blog. which is the one i'm commenting with haa.
    but those shorts..they are so adorable! lovee them && your purse.

  3. They look pretty great. Maybe scissors?

  4. Ooh I love how you DIY them before buying a pair. Your's turned out nice from what I can see :]

  5. hi, just dioscovered your blog and stopped by.
    Hope you could visit mine


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