so scandolous.

i've never been more eager to post,
as much as i wanted to last night, last minute study sessions got the best of me.
fortunately, i have time now (:
so, i spent yesterday afternoon strolling through a lovely, very "Rodeo Drive-esque" shopping district.
i spent most of the day sipping an iced chai tea (yum) and flipping through magazines.
one i must blog about.
the latest cover of W magazine features a sultry blonde woman dressed in black lace.
the photo shoot continues inside, capturing the woman in passionate make-out session with a hunky Brazilian model in positions that made me blush.
her style is impeccable and her look is irreplaceable.
the woman is none other than MADONNA.

the fact that the international superstar's idolization and spanned from my mom's generation to mine is incredible in itself.
the fact, however, that she still looks better than half the woman in hollywood half her age is complete envy.

listen to: vogue - madonna

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