it's very fair to say that i have satisfied my ever present shopping-crave this spring break. 
the total items purchased so far...

2 Oversized Ralph Lauren V-Necks
2 Skinny Crop AE Jeans
1 Pale Yellow Skinny Ankle Zip AE Jean
1 Bright Yellow Ralph Lauren Jean
1 Boho Linen Zara Dress
1 Ralph Lauren Boatneck Nautical T-Shirt
3 Pairs of Sandals: Beaded, Thong, Gladiator
1 Light Blue James Perse Racerback
1 Trina Turk Floral Bejeweled Bathing Suit Bottom
1 pair of Navy Slip-on Keds

Hm. That seems about right. Although I hate to be biased...a favorite would definitely have to be the James Perse Racerback. A guilty pleasure indeed. 
Pictures will be up as soon as each is worn :)

Until then, enjoy some Chung...

Oh! And I saw Pineapple Express for the first time a couple nights ago. FUNNIEST MOVIE EVER! 
In honor of the movie, listen to: Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant and Coconut Girl by Brother Nolan.


    & i didnt want to watch that movie, but i'm going to see if i like it.
    gaaahh wish i could buy so much stuff hhaha

  2. haha that movie is soo hilarious. i had cramps from over laughing.
    excellent, i love shopping. you must be getting into the warmer months so you get to shop for the fun things!! unfortunately winter comes my way so i get to buy jeans and lots of stockings!!

    mmm love some chung.


  3. oh jeeze you bought so much stuff recently !
    and i still have to see pineapple express . soon !

    yeah 90210 is definitely entertaining .
    i don't know about liam though, like he's hot, but i can't take his seriously since that same actor was also in disaster movie (woooorrst movie ever) .. but he's hot so .. ;]
    i love naomi . she's one of my favourite characters . her, mr. matthews, & grandma wilson :]

  4. wow, so many items! I want some too :P
    anyway, I love Alexa ;3


  5. Sounds like you bought some serious rad stuff!

    Alexa looks FAB.

    PS: I feel so much better now that I know that you understand how it is to be always hungry:D:D

  6. oh man, i want alexa's legs .
    even more than that james perse racerback, although that sounds sooo amazing .

  7. yeah liam is sexaaay, i can't deny that .
    ethan is adorable too, i like dustin milligan, he's my canadian homeboy ! reppin canada, woot woot ! :]

    ahhaha im so gay .

  8. Alexa is divine, isn't she. And wow, sounds like you've scored some killer stuff... need pics!!


  9. I also love the movie..so funny!! My favorite part was when the guy was with his foot out of the car while driving..well and then the weird conversation the three guys had almost at the end of the movie :D
    I'm Giovanna and I love BOHO fashion, if you like to visit my blog:
    Your blog is so cute!


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