"think you're really hothot."
as i've stated before...lady gaga is pure genius.
like it's disgusting how originally cool she is! i mean, ive always known she was awesome, but experiencing UP CLOSE at a concert...wow!
here's a little preview of what the concert was like. 
warning: extremely amazing.

speechless. i know.
oh! and the opening performer was none other than the artist of my current "blog song": CHESTER FRENCH! how ironic is that?!
of course, they were so amazing, definitely check them out!
and then the white tie affair was there as well. they were just as talented/sweet as when saw/met them last time.
all in all, last night started spring break off with a bang.
and as the lady gaga would say herself...
"bang bang, we're beautiful and dirty rich"
check it:
lady gaga
boys boys boys
beautiful, dirty, rich
the fame
money honey
white tie affair
candle (sick and tired)
allow me to introduce myself...mr.right
price of company
the letdown
chester french
she loves everybody
the jimmy choos

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  1. ughh! your lady gaga post is better then mine =/
    w.e love youu, and i'm going to sit you down and make you watch: almost famous and factory girl, sometime during this amazing break!

    bisous xoxo


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