we need a change!

hello lovelies. now before i post on last night (KOL concert), which for now i will simply say was completely, unbelievably incredible, hands-down best concert i have ever been to--scratch that--best experience of my life...i wanted to share a video that i am simply in love with, not only because it's for my all-time favorite designer MATTHEW WILLIAMSON, but simply because it's like really really cool. enjoy cuties!
oh and i of course cannot forget to THANK YOU ALL the comments! you've made me a happy camper--be proud!
thought of the day: copy catters suck. big time.
listen to: on call by kings of leon (i had to, hehe)


  1. Aww! Nice video. I love Matthew too. He's great.

    OMG! What a great idea. Thank you! I need to try that. For sure.

  2. who was the one who introduced you to himm :) hehe and this vid is sickk!
    btw, who is the thought of the day referring to?

  3. your sidebar is possibly the most inspiring thing in the world.

  4. valerie, you most definitely did not introduce me to him!! aha.

  5. haha you are so welcome..your blog is def a 'blog i like'

    i just watched this video-very cool and your profile song is fantastic! gotta love the beatles.

    yes i love the ep where they find out luke's dad is gay! is this your first time watching the oc? or are you just re-watching?



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