you know the typical high school cliches. you've seen the movies.
bad boy changes for good girl.
miss geek transforms into miss popular.
girls getting backstabbed by their best friends.
the former has happened to me.
to spare the details, basically i found out in the matter 
of one school day that my so-called "bff" was talking behind my back for months.
not that "omg did you see what she wore today?" or "she is acting like such a bitch!"
no. worse. way worse. 
i guess it's true. trust takes years to build and only seconds to shatter.
honestly, discovering her true colors i was in disbelief, yet i wasn't...i had expected it all along.
but that set aside.
this entry isn't intended to be a hate blog against "her".
it's supposed to declare my freedom and hopefully inspire someone else. you would think i felt like shit when i found out the news.
and i did... for a millisecond.
to be honest, though, i feel so alive. so thrilled.
i feel like a whole new person.
i'm ready to redefine myself as a person and take advantage of this opportunity.
unconsciously i've been looking for a way out for months.
and now i have found it.
i'm free.
and it feels so good.
one must always remember: stay true to yourself, because very few will stay true to you...

oh. and to the girl who chose to stab me in the back: stay fake. you always were


  1. that happened to me. my "best friend" kicked me out of the clique at our school over facebook. Her exact words were "I know it sucks, but your out. I know you think that you can change but it takes time. You'll get back in....eventually." The clique was a typical clique a leader and three other mimics of the leader, and of course ALL of them only wearing abercrombie or hollister. But i have changed for the better from all of this. I was a bitch when i was in the clique, but i've become a person I'm proud to be. i have a few great friends that are genuine and have common interest as me. When all of this was happening I became very depressed, but now i actually can thank them for helping me branch out into other ideas instead of a one minded group. And your blog entry inspired me to write this.

  2. i'm so sorry, i just came across your comment now!
    i'm not sure if you can see i reponded, but your story is truly touching!
    i'm glad i've inspired you, and it's good to know i can relate to someone!
    i know i am so much better off now, and i am so glad you are too!!

    stay strong!! <33

  3. your blog is amazing.
    how do you get those photos big?

  4. thank you so much for responding, i was just looking over your old post's and i found this one and i found your comment! thank you thank you! and i listen to all my moms parents who talk about how at this age it happens to everyone, and im just glad mines over, and yours is too so we are stronger people now! GO US! hah

  5. btw anonymous is "Out of the clique"


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