ben, the two of us need look no more<33

ciao readers ! how have you all been ? i wish i could say that i've been absolutely fabulous, enjoying every day and night of this glorious summer to its fullest--however, that would be a lie, and i can't lie to you my loves ! the truth is i've been pretty bored. i wake up at noon, watch csi for a few hours, wait for my mom to get home from work and hope she takes me out--which most of the time doesn't happen--and i basically just stay in my pj's the whole day, staying up till 3 most nights, just on my computer. yeah. so exciting right ?! i really do wish i could give you some fabulous story as to how i've been spending my free time. tell me that you've been bored too and make me feel better will you ? (:

aside from that, this is what i wore to lunch today...


minus the heels of course, hehe! a pretty simple outfit, my DIY levi's, a flannel dress that shrunk and is now a shirt from F21, and some random pair of wedges from some random store.

i also hope you like the new sidebar polaroids--took me hours to do! question for you all: who is your favorite from those featured?

additonally, i'm sure you noticed my new header! done by none other than the fabulous ELZA from MISSDIORCOUTURE--she's fabulous! and speaking of her, she asked me to inform all of my lovely readers on a very exciting project she's working on! along with editor jamie richards, she will be working as fashion director for the new MONOCHROME MAGAZINE-- "a unique project which mixes inspiring style, art, and design, to be exhibited both online and in print"--huge names will be contributing to and collaborating with monochrome, including elie saab, christian lacroix, the cobra snake, garance doré, and many more! definitely check it as soon as it is published online!

oh! and i am pleased to inform you that i have in fact joined the phenomenon known as twitter! follow me? i also joined bloglovin'! so follow me there as well if you'd like!

well that's it for now! hope you are having a bit more fun than i am this summer, haha. also i would like to pay my respects to the absolutely incredible and legendary michael jackson. he will live on in his songs for the rest of eternity, continuing to inspire others! (and let us not forget ed, farrah, and billy mays as well<33)

listening to - mr. brightside by the killers


  1. Well atleast your keeping stylish. Believe me my summer hasn't been so amazing either, i wish i was traveling but who doesn't right? But it totally has been a crazy week with all the news with MJ, Farrah, & billy...its always so unreal when they pass away.

  2. Hihi thanks :)
    nice choice of music- and dude, those shorts r like the perfect shorts everyone is looking for ! Man, they look great !

  3. for me is Coco Chanel, she´s one of my muses of all time. And yes sometimes summer could be pretty boring!
    Anwy your shirt is great.


  4. lovely blog
    we love the quotes down the side!

  5. watching csi is better
    than what i was doing.
    i was just watching 'Roman Holiday' 3 times...
    hmm.. :D

    thx for your lovely comment.
    i absolutely adore your blog too!

  6. Thanks so much for following me and leaving such an amazing compliment on my blog! Really means a lot to me =)
    I'm loving your inspiration poloroids - so right on! I love so many of these girls: Audrey, Karl, Coco, Jackie O - all iconic.
    Wonderful wonderful work!

  7. sometimes it is fun just to hang in yoru pjs all day long! love those shorts and shirt
    muah x

  8. nice blouse! =)


  9. Nice outfit.

    The new header? Love Love Lovee!

  10. you're back!!
    mmm, i'm on my winter break at the moment.
    haven't been up to much either; internetting while i get over this cold.
    i couldn't possibly pick a favourite; you've chosen some truly amazing and inspirational people. very nice selection though.
    cute shorts <3
    would you like to trade links?


  11. awesome shorts
    aww sucks about the summer, i've had that feeling so many times before
    call up some friends for a nice night in the garden with fairy lights & cocktails? x

  12. i love your shirt so much and your header is awesome too!

  13. Love the outfit!
    Your shoets are awesome!
    And the polaroids look fab too!

  14. sorry tohear your summer isnt going as planned but take intiative the summe juststarted!
    make plans with friends go out there meet new people wholike to go out and have fun .. i know this willwork because iw as sick of a life full of this minus the 12pm wake ups . and so i turned it around , now ican text someone at 3 am and hang out till 6 am around my palce. now i go out to rockshows . you gotta make your life theway you want it to be .. andwoaah i am never this positive LOL
    you caught me on a good day . anyway here's to summer times :)

  15. Great in plaid.!!!

    Have you seen LOVEmore 's blog? This reminds me a bit of her poses. You`re adorable. :)

    Glad you liked my song and outfit choice.


  16. the polaroids on the side look wonderful! my fav has to be janis joplin. she is amazing. :)
    go out and play! make your own adventures! they can even be in your backyard. i'm not sure where that may be but i hope you have some sunshine to play in. enjoy the summer while its here. <3

  17. lovee the outfit<3
    and hmmm, im between karl, audrey, or edie. haha its a tough call

    le rève

  18. love the header. the killers have been in my top ten for a few years now :)

  19. at least you still look quite stylish. i always make myself get dress in the morning so i won't be in pj all day.

  20. your polaroids are simply amazing dear..my favs are prob ruby aldridge who i have a massive girl crush on and..willa holland, but i love them all! yes i have been looking on urban outfitters, its such a great little store! unfortunately they dont ship to australia! :( so bummed about that! i hope your summer starts to get a little more exciting though i'm sure its not that bad :)if you do get bored just visit my blog ;)


  21. oh and i forgot to say i love your new header, i saw it awhile ago and have been waiting for you to post so i could comment about it!


  22. Love your shorts!
    X, www.fashion-nerdic.blogspot.com

  23. I'm a huge fan of the polaroids... They all look so good it's hard to choose. I guess my fav would be the Georgia Jagger polaroid. Play dress ups it always works so well at keeping me entertained!!

    Love the look too:)

  24. Love your outfit! And I think the polaroids on the side looks great. I can't choose which one I like the best.. He he.

    Well, enjoy the summer! xo

  25. I love this outfit, it looks so comfy and stylish:) I have nearly the same DIY shorts and I love them!:) Also I love your shirt!
    Well..my summer is also boring...I mean, I love summer, but when you don't know what to do, or you are forced to do what you do not want at all...that's boring:((

    p.s. love Coco and Karl's polaroids:)))
    btw, love your blog:)
    BTW, love your blog:))

  26. awww
    you are such a sweetheart
    thanks for continuously commenting on my blog and LIKING my blog. it means sooooo much :)

    i absolutely LOVE what you've done with the polaroids.
    can't choose a fave cause that's just cruel.
    they're ALL amazing people

    thanks again love


  27. Oh don't worry... appears we've been up to the same exact thing this summer. Love all the new polaroids, couldn't possibly pick one! The header is spectacular too! I can't believe you've achieved all this success without the help of twitter or b.love, incredible!
    And PS... your legs are amazing!!! :)

  28. can your day become anymore like mine! haha i seriously do the same thing , wake up late, go to sleep at 3 wait for my mom to come home and hopefully suggest to go somewhere haha ! i love your blog just found it and now im following! I love your shorts too.



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