guess who's back...momentarily, indecisively

well hello there...it's weird being on my blog again, let alone posting on it! what a concept!
i really did love this blog with all my heart and put forth every creative effort in making it my very own, virtual work of art--it was an outlet of self-expression that sums up my undergraduate years of high school.
last time i posted was at the least...2 years ago. wow, a crazy thought. i'm graduating high school now, heading off to college. a scary thought, but so invigorating at the same time.
i wonder if i'm even writing to anyone anymore...at one point i remember having over 80 comments on a post and tons of followers--such an honor, honestly! it's satisfying to post what you feel onto the world wide web with the click of a button, but even more to know that people out there, all over the world, are not only reading it but also enjoying it.
i don't know if i'm back for good, probably not. but i did want to just "drop in," curious if anyone out there is reading....
despite however busy i have become since my last post, it's ironic that i'm sitting in bed on valentine's night, haha. oh well, it's overrated anyways.
i did get a tumblr, which (for now) i'm posting on often so please please follow me! i would love to entertain--and maybe even inspire--you in some way even if it's not on this blog.


and, as a cheers to tradition, here is my music suggestion to conclude this post :)
home - edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros

fuck that, here's one more:
hello - martin solveig & dragonette

ending with a "hello," no pun intended....ciao!


  1. wow..you was like gone forever...it nice you came back even though it is a tentative thing.

  2. Wowowow, I thought you'd gone forever! I can't believe you're going to college now, that's insane!. Although I guess I was in high school the last time you posted.
    Who knows when you'll read this..
    Hope you're doing well, darling!
    Ps. I miss your blog :(

  3. You have a wonderful blog. Very creative. Come visit my Sixties and Seventies blog for a groovy vintage time.


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